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The idea got seeded as Scrapshala in January 2016 and its based in oldest living city of world, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India.

It took us around five months to make a team, reach people to donate scrap instead of trashing them, get a space to sort and clean the scrap, skill train artisans to upcycle scrap into products, market test the pilot products and commercialize them.

With a great support from visitors, donors, customers and believers, we have been able to have small production unit of upcycled good in Varanasi and have been continuously doing skill training and workshops with several educational institutes and NGOs.

We have successfully prevented more than 12,000-13,000 kgs of non-biodegradable waste into eccentric products of decor and utility.

Our team has brought a sustainable and respectable livelihood to around 15 local artisans, who are carpenters, welders, painters, cleaners and weavers. With uprising market potential for eco-friendly goods, Scrapshala aims to provide Indian consumers best options for repurposed goods, keeping quality and affordability as prime concern.

We are now a service and product based company, working towards make zero-waste lifestyle a common habit.

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