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 ​​​I have been working in Scrapshala since December 2017. It's been   six months and I have grown professionally as a person here                 working with Shikha di.  From social media marketing to e-           commerce management to  professional aesthetics to be followed         while dealing with the clients, ScrapShala has prepared me for 

  my journey ahead   and  I  feel glad to be a part of this organisation.

  Aishwarya Rajdev,
  MBA, Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management, Delhi



  I had a great experience working at scrapshala. 

  I got to learn many things,not just professionally but personally also.

  After doing an internship of 45 days at scrapshala I can say i have grown a      bit more towards professionalism.

  Vartika Goel, B.com (third year), Banasthali University, Rajasthan

 Doing work in scrapshala is like a  dream job , whatever I like to

 make I can do here as it's my passion to create something

 especially from waste to make something best scrapshala

  provide that platform to me 
  Thank you scrapshala 

  Ankita Singh, MAC Tech, B.H.U, Varanasi 

 ​ The concept of a useful thing made from waste objects is very  good    Amazing stuff super quality products. Scrapshala is creating amazing        stuff .just loved it. It is interesting to work and  learn from Scrapshala. 

  Shruti Tiwari, PGDM, 2nd Year, SMS, Varanasi

​​​​​​​  It is a great experience interning at Scrapshala which is leading to progress 

  in my personal and professional life.

  I am learning new things and time management too. I am learning to                    experiment on new things which makes me aware of my strengths.             

  Overall I feel that I am growing better each day. 

  Khushboo Soneja, 3rd year, Amity University, Lucknow


  My internship at Scrapshala started in Jan 2018. Since the beginning              work done at Scrapshala always fascinated me 

​  Making something unique,stylish and useful from a waste material                  always impressed me. By working at Scrapshala I got to learn a lot of              new things and it also helped me in knowing my hidden abilities. 

  Mahima Modi,B.com graduate

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