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ScrapShala is providing a consumer level solution, that can be practiced from the comfort of households for urban waste management. Upcycling as a solution is used to increase the lifespan of the unused/outdated/one-time-use-and-throw non-biodegradable stuff into items of utility. 

Upcycling means reuse in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original. We are service and product based company trying to bring the concept of zero-waste among citizens and expanding everyday into newer categories of urban waste collection and management.   

The existing solution of urban waste management in India are: Landfill dumping and Recycling.In which both of them has been exploited to its full extent.

While most landfills have been filled beyond their capacities in India, Recycling as a solution lacks infrastructure, segregated raw material collection problem and as a procedure itself is very energy-intensive. So we have come up with UPCYCLED PROUCTS.

Upcycling being a simple procedure of giving a second life to waste material, is not only user-friendly but also the need of the time as we can not expect landfills/recycling facility everywhere.

Our products are  creating impact by making customer reduce of household trash by understating concept of zero-waste, generating money out of trash  and contributing in pollution reduction by not doing mindless trashing. It is also reducing the carbon footprints when adopted at household level.

Environmental benefits can be huge with non-biodegradable things not getting dumped into landfill and natural resources (rivers and landmass). 

Our Pledge
Scrapshala pledges to provide you an eccentric range of customized, affordable, handcrafted and sustainable home decor, lifestyle products and gifting.

Our Mission
To do sustainable development and provide upcycling  skill and respectable livelihood to less privilaged artisans


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