One-of-a-kind Items

Whether you're upcycling things yourself or buying products from designers, it's always nice to know that you have something that is completely unique. Every upcycled item is one of a kind and has a beautiful history behind it - which makes them fantastic for gifts as well.

Doing your bit for Mother Nature

Nothing beats that warm and fuzzy feeling you get inside when you've done something great for the planet. We encourage everyone to personally have a go at upcycling. You'll be doing your bit to create a more sustainable planet which is pretty awesome.

​​Supporting Local and Rural Industry

Anothersocial and economic benefit of upcycling is that it supports small local businesses as well as rural village industries. For example, many of the upcycled products we carry are made by artisans from small communities in and around Varanasi - who use their traditional craft skills to produce new items that are able to be sold in a global marketplace. 

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Benefits Of Upcycling 

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